Central laboratory

Advanced Quality Testing Equipment with a 10000 level microbiological testing laboratory, MOCON, and other international and domestic first-class inspection and testing equipment

Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry GC-MS

Mixture analysis, testing residual solvents and packaging material compatibility

Liquid chromatography LC

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of difficult to gasify mixtures

Non-contact optical measuring instrument

Perform thickness measurement analysis on the bottle holder

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry ICP-MS

Used for packaging and content analysis, chemical element measurement

Water bath sterilization cabinet

Testing the temperature resistance of materials, which can be used for packaging testing at 121 ° C high temperature sterilization

Thermostat water bath

Test the temperature resistance of the material, which can be used for packaging testing in water bath sterilization at 80 to 95 degrees Celsius

Temperature and humidity box

Simulate high temperature and humidity environment for accelerated aging testing of packaging

Sealing tester

Test the sealing of the packaging to eliminate issues of false or false sealing

Pressure tester

Test the resistance performance of packaging, which can test the maximum and constant pressure resistance of the packaging

Drop test bench

Simulate high-altitude drop of packaging, test the drop performance of heavy packaging and liquid packaging

Transportation simulation tester

Simulate transportation conditions and oscillate to test the fatigue resistance of packaging

Differential scanning calorimeter

Test the melting point of materials and analyze the material formula